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Royal Philharmonic Society £24,000 Closing date 11 April 2022
At the RPS, we have set out to consolidate and positively build upon all the good things the Society has done for classical music in years past. We’ve made good progress even in the face of the pandemic, and are now appointing a new Administrator to play a valued part in our team and in our next steps forward.

Our new Administrator will bring care and energy to fulfilling and fine-tuning the logistics of all our charitable activities, whilst ensuring and enhancing an efficient organisational foundation upon which all such ventures run. They will take pride in helping to deliver the potentially life-changing opportunities we offer musicians and our range of events including the RPS Awards. They will largely be the first point-of-contact for people approaching the RPS, applying the same spirit and stewardship here that you will bring to overseeing our social media and other digital communications. Read the full role brief on the RPS website for a comprehensive overview of the position, its terms, and all it stands to offer the person who takes it on. If you’d like to chat about the role, we’d be very happy to hear from you.

Contact details
020 7287 0019
Royal Philharmonic Society, 48 Great Marlborough Street, London W1F 7BB

Annual Conference

The next ABO conference will take place in Bristol,
hosted by Bristol Beacon, from 24-26 January 2024.