Association of British Orchestras

Artist Coordinator Vocal

HarrisonParrott £24,500 - £28,000 Closing date 28 May 2023
Job purpose

The successful candidate will need to be a highly effective and efficient administrator with a keen eye for detail. You will need to deliver accurate, timely and comprehensive logistical support to a range of HP’s singer clients alongside travel arrangements, meeting planning and general admin requirements within the Vocal Team.

You will be expected to deliver exceptional service, consistency, and support in your role at all times, anticipate needs, address concerns and resolve problems as or when they arise professionally, confidently and efficiently.

Key Accountabilities

General Artist administration

 Record all information and updates on engagements, dates, venues, fees, rehearsals and performance times on our Overture, our diary system.
 Co-ordinate rehearsal schedules, call times, working sessions with directors/conductors, auditions.
 Check repertoire details including versions/editions, language, cuts, dialogue.
 Identify requirements well in advance for all work permits and visas, and ensure completion of all necessary applications
 Consider the detailed requirements for practise rooms, backstage requirements, complimentary tickets, dress code/costume fittings, interviews/press activities necessary to all engagement and put all detailed arrangements in place accordingly.
 In liaison with clients and presenters, arrange national and international travel, and check final issue of tickets and all details.
 Discuss and source suitable hotels and short-term accommodation for each engagement, and make reservations
 Arrange any necessary local transport, such as airport transfers and travel between airports, accommodation or venue
 Finalise all details relating to the timing and running order of each engagement and provide detailed schedule (including travel/accommodation information as relevant) to the artist on a timely basis


 Log, scan and check contract terms on receipt against agreed terms of engagement and update on diary system
 Process and monitor the issuing, signing and finalisation of contracts
 Assist in the administration of any contracts which are non-specific to engagements, such as recording contracts

Financial administration

 Ensure financial information on artist diary system is maintained (including amounts to be charged to promoter for travel and accommodation) and outstanding fee negotiations followed up on a timely basis
 Review promoter invoices and monthly commission statements to ensure correct and complete
 Liaise with promoters and HP accounts department regarding Social Security payments, tax waivers and withholding tax arrangements
 Process incoming royalty statements and other correspondence relating to monies received by HP
 Keep track of and ensure timely payment of artists' fees, and check deductions of tax, social security and any other charges by promoters
 Assist artists in completion of tax returns by supplying comprehensive and complete details and by liaison with their personal accountants.

Press and PR

 Source and present reviews of recordings and performances, obtaining foreign reviews where relevant
 Maintain biographies, discographies and repertoire lists, ensure webpages are up-to-date and materials are distributed as required and reproduced accurately by promoters
 Maintain promotional materials of all artists and negotiate permissions to use recordings for promotional use
 Generally assist Artist Manager in preparation and distribution of sales materials
 Take charge of HPVocal’s Twitter feed and general online presence with daily updates and news items.
 Take responsibility for the monthly highlights mailout and all other departmental announcements to our contacts.

Contact details
Somerset House

Annual Conference

The next ABO conference will take place in Bristol,
hosted by Bristol Beacon, from 24-26 January 2024.