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Chair of the Board

Drake Music Scotland Voluntary role with expenses including access costs Closing date 02 November 2022
The purpose of the Chair of the Board is to show leadership within the organisation primarily of the Board of Trustees and, with staff, develop the overall strategy of Drake Music Scotland. The time commitment varies from month to month, depending on the Board meeting schedule. The current chair estimates that she spends around 1-2 days per month on core duties.

The responsibilities of the Chair are:
- governance of the organisation in line with legal and financial requirements of OSCR and other regulatory bodies, funders and other agencies;
- work closely with the Chief Executive to develop the direction and strategy of the charity;
- ensure all trustees have the information they need to carry out their roles;
- support the Chief Executive in their leadership role, including line management, professional development & annual appraisal participating in appraisal of other senior staff as appropriate;
- work with other members of the Board to populate sub-committees and working groups, attend
meetings and, report to the wider Board;
- recruitment of new Trustees in line with the needs of the charity and the skills required;
- approval of DMS’s mission statement and objectives, its business, artistic, and education plans, and deployment of its resources to meet operational, marketing, access and fundraising strategies;
- approval of financial plans and accounts including annual budgets, medium term financial strategies and projections, and the annual report and accounts;
- approval of all organisational policies and alongside employed staff ensure that policies are updated in line with legislation and best practice;
- plan the cycle of, set the agenda for and chair Board Meetings monitoring the implementation of decisions taken;
- act as a principal ambassador for the organisation and develop external relationships.
- defining clearly what the Board requires from the CEO and other staff but allowing them the freedom to manage DMS within agreed policies, plans and targets;
- attending a range of DMS performances and events;
- appointment, including the approval of job descriptions and pay levels of the CEO and other members of staff; agreeing terms & conditions and employment procedures in the staff handbook.

Full Job Pack available by contacting Thursa Sanderson as below or from Drake Music Scotland website

Contact details
0131 659 4766
Drake Music Scotland 11 Harewood Road Edinburgh EH16 4NT

Annual Conference

The next ABO conference will take place in Gateshead,
hosted by The Glasshouse ICM, from 5-7 February 2025.