Association of British Orchestras

Orchestra and Projects Manager

Southbank Sinfonia £28,000 - £30,000 Closing date 11 November 2022
The Orchestra and Projects Manager plays a leading role in running activities at the highest possible standard. They take overall responsibility for overseeing members of Southbank Sinfonia and their performances, communications with players particularly regarding schedules and leaves of absence, managing all rehearsals and performances, and fixing deputy and extra players.

Your responsibilities will be varied, including:
- Being first point of contact on the staff for orchestral players (both on the Fellowship and those we welcome regularly as deputies and extras.).
- Writing and distributing the weekly schedule to the orchestra in a timely and accurate manner
- Liaising with partner organisations, venues and promoters to plan events and resolve any issues as they arise.
- Establishing seating plans for all concerts in discussion with the Associate Leader and Music Director as necessary, ensuring Southbank Sinfonia’s rotational seating policy provides varied opportunities for all players.

Deadline for applications is Friday 11 November 2022 at 12 noon.

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