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Philharmonia MMSF Instrumental Fellowships

Philharmonia £1000 bursary Closing date 28 February 2023
The MMSF Instrumental Fellowship programme is for young musicians who are looking to pursue an orchestral career. The year-long Fellowship will immerse musicians in the day to day of a professional symphony orchestra.

The Fellowship offers a range of opportunities including:
• £1000 bursary paid in instalments throughout the year
• Coaching and mentoring from a member of the Orchestra
• Paid recital opportunities in professional arts venues across the UK
• CPD workshops (Continuing Professional Development)
• Paid Learning & Engagement project work
• Behind the scenes access to observe the Orchestra in rehearsals
• Potential paid patches with the Orchestra

This year, we’re looking for 13 new Fellows across strings, woodwind, brass, timpani & percussion, harp and piano.

Applications are open until Tuesday 28 February with auditions to follow in Spring/Summer 2023.

The Fellowship begins in September 2023 and runs through to August 2024.

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